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Introducing "HER Point of View"! A name that not only resonates, but embodies the essence

of our collaborative journey. This thoughtfully chosen title speaks to the compelling focus on the individual perspectives, experiences, and insights of the incredible women who form our group. The term "Point of View" signifies a dynamic exchange, emphasizing the diversity of ideas and ensuring that every voice is not just heard but valued.


With empowerment and collaboration at its core, our mastermind group and

seminar series of the same name, sets the stage for impactful discussions and collective growth.

Welcome to a space where your unique perspective shapes our shared narrative.

FoundHER Spotlights


Uncover what fuels the passion of extraordinary women entrepreneurs in

our 'HER Point of View' series. Take a glimpse into their inspiring journeys

as we shine the light on these amazing FoundHERs!

FHS MastermindBkg_edited.jpg

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with

the FoundHERS Suite Mastermind Group

where ambition meets collaboration!


A FREE, bi-weekly event for members of this EXCLUSIVE group to network, get new ideas,

meet like-minded “FoundHERS” and explode

your growth. FREE ON ZOOM.

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