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The Found'HER'

Brand strategist, certified life coach and visual storyteller, LaTanya Orr, strategically equips entrepreneurs, corporate executives and ministry leaders with award-winning concepts that showcase their brand brilliance with intention and maximum impact. With over two decades in marketing, public relations, and design, LaTanya shapes brand identities through creative strategies and impactful design. As the author of 'Strike A Pose: 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman Must Have,' she empowers career women to excel. Her upcoming book, 'FoundHER, Finding Me: How a Shift in Focus Reveals Your Extraordinary,' guides women to thrive at the highest levels. Regarded as an “Entrepreneurial Midwife”, LaTanya fosters disruption in women's business through her women's  entrepreneurial network, 'The FoundHERS Suite.' LaTanya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Davenport University.

Our Suite Story

Immerse yourself in The FoundHERS Suite – where dreams and creativity converge in the heart of Chicago's Beverly neighborhood! Our upscale 2300 sq ft space with the latest tech and modern furnishings is thoughtfully crafted to "amplify the women’s entrepreneurship experience." As a premier location on the South Side, conveniently located near the 103rd Street Metra Station, our space is steps away from specialty shops, restaurants, and other community hubs, fostering a vibrant and connected work environment. 


Within the collaborative space of shared dreams, soul-led women entrepreneurs find not just desks and chairs but a sanctuary where passion and purpose intertwine, giving rise to businesses that resonate with the heartbeat of the collective journey.  Our contemporary amenities include our podcast studio, conference rooms, our unique “HER Soul Room” and a welcoming lounge area,  The FoundHERS Suite goes beyond traditional co-working - it’s an ideal setting for convening, collaboration, creativity, connection and MORE! 


The FoundHERS Suite is an inclusive hub where purposeful female entrepreneurs come together to collaborate, exchange insights, resources, and expertise, crafting their brand legacies and leaving a lasting impact for future generations.



The FoundHERS Suite fosters and encourages the growth of female-led businesses while emphasizing the importance of collaboration and support within a broader social framework. It highlights the idea of empowering women to become entrepreneurs and promoting a sense of togetherness and shared goals within the entrepreneurial community.


The FoundHERS Suite’s vision is to drive

female entrepreneurship through community

support and collaboration, uniting women

for shared success and empowerment.

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