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Welcome to The FoundHERS Suite, where we go beyond coworking to offer a curated selection of boutique services designed to empower and elevate your business. Our comprehensive suite of services, provided by our B2B Strategic Partners, encompasses everything from accounting and legal support to marketing and non-profit management. At The FoundHERS Suite, we are committed to providing the essential tools and expertise that will enable your business to thrive.


Accounting/Bookkeeping Services:

“Financial Empowerment at Your Fingertips”

Experience the synergy of precise Accounting, strategic Bookkeeping, and personalized Wealth Management services at The FoundHERS Suite. From meticulous financial management to crafting wealth growth strategies, we're your dedicated partner in securing and enhancing your financial future. Elevate your business success with our integrated financial solutions.


Business Coaching and Mentorship:

"Guiding Ambitions, Nurturing Success – Your Journey, Our Expert Guidance"

Discover transformation through personalized guidance at The FoundHERS Suite. Our Business Coaching and Mentorship service offers expert insights, strategies, and a tailored roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey. Join us as we turn aspirations into achievements through the power of mentorship and the art of coaching.


HR/Payroll Services:

"People Power, Payroll Precision – Nurturing Your Workforce, Simplifying Your Processes”

Streamline your workforce management with our HR and payroll solutions. From recruitment to payroll processing, we assist in creating a supportive and efficient workplace environment.


Legal Services

(Business Organizational Set-Up; Copyright & Trademark):

“Legal Insight, Business Foresight – Crafting Legacies, Protecting Innovations"

Navigate the legal landscape confidently with our comprehensive legal services. We aid in business set-up, ensuring a solid foundation, and offer expertise in copyright and trademark matters to safeguard your intellectual property.


Marketing and Branding Services

"Strategic Sparks, Brand Brilliance – Igniting Your Presence, Crafting Your Story”

Elevate your brand presence with our tailored marketing and branding services. From strategic planning to creative execution, we craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, fostering brand growth.


Non-Profit Management Services

“Impactful Visions, Effective Missions – Guiding Non-Profits, Creating Lasting Change"

Make a meaningful impact with our non-profit management services. Whether you're starting or managing a non-profit organization, we provide guidance on governance, fundraising, and operational efficiency.


Operational Excellence through Process Documentation

"Precision in Processes, Excellence in Operations – Documenting Success, Pioneering Efficiency"


Optimize your business operations with our organizational services. From workflow improvements to organizational development, we help structure and refine your operations for sustained success.

Each of our boutique services is designed with the unique needs of women entrepreneurs in mind, providing the support and expertise necessary to navigate the challenges of business ownership. At The FoundHERS Suite, your success is our priority.

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