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Welcome to The FoundHERS Suite's MentHER Lab!

Sparking Ambition. Igniting Dreams. 

Cultivating Success.

Embark on an empowering journey within the innovative realm of The FoundHERS Suite MentHER Lab, where mentorship meets education, and entrepreneurial dreams take flight. Tailored exclusively for aspiring female student entrepreneurs, MentHER Lab is your dedicated space to learn, collaborate, and ignite the spark of your entrepreneurial journey. Join us in this transformative experience where mentorship becomes a guiding light, and education is the catalyst for your business success. 


We believe that empowering female students with a dedicated space for collaboration and mentorship aligns with our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this collaboration further and positively impact the next generation of female business leaders.


We’re planning a pilot launch Fall 2024. Inquire today by completing the form below

to receive details on how you can serve as either College/University Partner School

OR if you are female student who’s an aspiring entrepreneur. 

Let’s Work Together

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